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Smart WiFi Water Valve

Turn the valve off when a leak is detected
Working voltage:DC12V/1A
Standby current: 13uA
Wireless Type:2.4GHz
Protocol:IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Wifi distance:45m
Operating Temperature:0℃~ 40℃ (32°F~104°F)
Waterproof:IPX5. Free app:Tuya/Smart Life Support systems: Android and IOS
Product Size(mm):195*70*125
Package Size(mm):310*150*75
Product Weight(g):578.90
Package Weight(g):740.00


Product Description

The intelligent wireless valve manipulator uses the 2.4 GHz WiFi solution based on the latest RF radio technology. It is a novel design product with short distance, low cost, low energy consumption and high reliability. It adopts international WiFi technology and fully compatible with wireless networks. It can be used as a signal relay point and other devices. Forgetting to close the tap water valve when leaving.Do not worry and you can control it through your smart phone.


Product Features:

A Smart Add-on for your Existing Water or Gas Ball Valve - Simply add this smart valve controller to your water valve or gas shutoff valve, you can simple control the water supply or turn off gas valve from anywhere at any time with your smartphone, using free Smart Life app.


Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home - When paired with the Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, the smart shut off valve gives you hands - free voice control over your home.


Wide Application - The smart shut off valve is compatible with water pipe ball valves, electric/ manual control switches, and natural/ liquid/ tap gas valve. Enjoy home automation like automatic irrigation of garden, farmland; timing water supply for feeding farm, stockyards; remote control the gas valve when you are leaving home in haste.


Humanized setting-In order to prevent power outages caused by the inability to use, there is a manual clutch at the bottom of the unit with a pull ring, which allows to move the lever to close or open the valve.


Easy Installation - Just need screw to fix over your existing levered ball valve, no addition plumbing required. With specially designed metal clamping ring, it is adjustable to compatible with most widely used pipe size like 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2".


Share with your families and set time schedule - The smart controller allows you to setup multiple users, and you can also set time schedule to turn on/ off your garden yard sprinkler at certain time.



User Guide

Including/Connecting into the WIFI Network:

Download App ( Scan the QR Code)

1.Android phone:Download"Smart life"from Google play store.

2.IOS device:Download "Smart life" from APP store.

Register and login

1.Run "Smart life"from your smartphone.

2. Register and login


Click"+"in the upper right corner orchoose"add device",then choose "others.


Power on the valve controller and choose the gateway that need be added into,then press and hold the Open/Close Button for 5 seconds and then release . Make sure the blue LED flash.


Please make sure that the valve is close to the gateway when adding device, the icon will and you can change the name,you can open/close the valve by clicking on the icon.


Disconnect from the WIFI Network.

Click the icon in the upper right corner,then choose"Remove Device".


Restoring the Water Main Shut-Off to the Factory Default Settings:

Press and hold the Open/Close Button for 10 seconds and then release.A flashing light indicates a successful factory reset.Beware that resetting your device will disconnect it from your system.Only do this if the Controller is missing or otherwise unreachable.


Hardware Installation

The main ball valve should be designed and installed to the place as much as convenient for manual opening & closing operation. The manipulator should keep 20mm away from the wall. Inserted mounting hole into pipe clamp and fixed by screw. Put pipe adjuster on the clamp then install with water pipe. Fixed the adjuster while same position of auto valve middle line and ball valve middle point after rocker arm clips the valve handle.


For bottled gas user

To connect bottled gas,the user uninstall the original pressure reducing valve and install the manipulator with the special ball valve for pipe between the original angle valve and pressure reducing valve, and then tighten it. (See the following figure.)


In case of alarm failure,overhaul or power cut,can manually close the valve.

a) pull out the tab of clutch and keep,

b)manually turn the handle to 90 degree,open and close the handle to the dead point until move smoothly,

c)Release the tab,then gently move the handle to make the clutch back to its original position.

This product is also applicable to automatic control of othergas or fluid valves such as water valve.



It is absolutely critical that the axes for both the valve and the Water Main Shut-Off are aligned.


Override Operation

The Water Main Shut-Off can be operated manually in the event of a power outage,loss of communication with your Z-Wave Hub,or some other emergency. Follow these instructions to manually operate the Shut-Off:

1.Unplug the power from your device.

2.Locate the Motor Clutch on the underside of your device and pull it outward by the keychain ring.The Control Arm will disengage from the motor and move free.