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Monster Opens Situation In Smart Home

Monster is an innovative company with a 40 years history in the entertainment space field.Founder Noel Lee found that different cables will produce different sound when connecting audio equipment,so he founded Monster Cable company,which was immediately praised by music enthusiasts.


Subsequently, Monster began designing and manufacturing headphones for Beats. Today, this company provides advanced connection solutions for professional musicians, home entertainment scenes, DIY and home decoration, computer applications, mobile devices and games, high-performance IoT and AC products.


Monster has a complete line of smart products.And recently launched a new smart LED lighting category:Monster Smart Illuinessence.These smart product lines complete Monster's traditional cable,earphone and speaker product,enabling Monster to quickly and reliably bring these into consumers' family.

Monster's core values coincide with Yuni Smart.Now,it is no longer satisfied with high-quality headphones and speakers, and has begun to develop smart home IoT products.We hope to bring better products to the market and consumers,because "customers always deserve better products."



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