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Cooperation With Canadian BAZZ

BAZZ  is a Canadian home lighting design and manufacturer with a history of more than 40 years.For the first time,it launched products with software and hardware vendors,and announced the establishment of new cooperation to expand the smart home market in North America.


For a long time, BAZZ has focused on home lighting.In the future,the BAZZ smart home automation powered by the IoT platform will expand to a wide range of fields other than lighting, such as smart lighting,control and sensors.


At present,BAZZ's smart products are distributed in over 2500 stores in Canada and the United States.The BAZZ smart home brand has entered over 500 hardware stores in North America,established an B2C website,and landed on all major online retail platforms,including Amazon,Wayfair,Wal-Mart,Costco,Lowe's and Home Depot.


In addition to expanding the current lighting,accessories and security product lines, and considering adding new smart device,BAZZ is constantly discovering excellent suppliers such as Yuni Smart Factory.


For BAZZ, the advantage lies in having a partner who continuously improves and develops back-end technology and provides innovative solutions for the factory.

For customers, BAZZ is continuously improving and upgrading, and cooperating with AIoT smart home technologies experts,they will feel very relieved.

For consumers,what really matters is the overall experience. Under the premise of a well-known and popular brand like BAZZ,they will try new products.



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