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Watashi Sets Thailand's Smart Security

For more than 20 years,Watashi has been the top home security brand in Thailand.It focuses on providing user security systems for homes and commercial scenes.Its products include alarm systems,sensors,access control systems,as well as the latest smart cameras and video content analysis services.


Watashi's products have industry-leading reliability,as well as 7 days,24 hours of uninterrupted home control after-services,which has won the trust of Thai consumers.


Watashi believes that innovation is important to the security industry.As a leader and expert in the smart home security industry,Watashi IoT application was developed with the main goal of building smart home devices,minimizing false alarms when using security products,and helping customers control the safety of their homes and offices. 


Under the recommendation of Tuya Smart,Watashi was deeply impressed by Jack,who is the founder of Yuni Smart,and his knowledge and influence on the market will help them quickly develop the Southeast Asian market and provide local users with higher-quality security products.



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