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Yuni Story

Origin Of The Yuni Name

The origin and meaning of the Yuni Smart name as the following aspects:

1.Yuni represents for cloud system and data.

Smart home is a large system, which is a big concept.All-encompassing, and requires a lot of data support.

2.Neon means that the color arrangement of neon is just opposite to that of rainbow. The color sequence is outer purple and inner red, and the color is lighter than rainbow.

The development of a company is like a neon. It takes repeated refraction, and energy loss (frustration) can form a vice rainbow. The smart home will definitely reach the smart home automation, but it must be done step by step and breakthroughs in each category.


3.Yuni Smart's English is Yuni, which is the English name of the founder Jack's daughter.It means a beautiful gift from heaven.

Yuni's original intention is that hope people enjoy and have a happy life when using smart home products.At the same time,we will provide people with smart technology and services.

Jack and his partners used "My Yunioff" as one of Yuni Smart's brands and won the reputation of the market and customers. In the future, more brands will join and create a beautiful life for people's iot smart home.



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