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D+D Technology Help Uruguay Develop IoT Product

D+D company specializes in providing IoT solutions for the Uruguay market. It is a young and flexible company. The company's strategy is based on three principles: safety, energy saving and comfort. Customers are always the center, so D+D is committed to using the most advanced smart home automation to provide the highest quality solutions.


Founded in 2019, D+D Technology is a cutting-edge and innovative AIoT company. The original intention of the company is to use AIoT to improve people's lives. Through cooperation with Tuya Smart and Yuni Smart, provide Uruguayan users with high-quality smart device, including smart home security systems, home building energy-saving projects, etc., especially in scene-based smart experience.


Today, D+D can provide more than 30 smart house products, such as smart plugs, smart cameras, smart switches, smart locks, etc., and is expected to expand the category to large appliances and a complete Zigbee product series. In 2021, D+D will release a new smart brand to provide a full-scenario AIoT solution for the Uruguay market. A smart device exhibition hall will also be established in Uruguay, which mainly includes smart scenes such as smart home system and appliances, lighting, and security.



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