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Nexxt Solutions Popularizes The South American Market

Accvent Holding Group, the parent company of Nexxt Solutions, is an industry leader with more than 30 years of outstanding solutions experience. It currently owns five cutting-edge technology brands, including Klip Xtreme, Nexxt Solutions, Xtech, Primus and Forza. They have more than 1,400 products covering 16 different industries, such as connectivity, structured wiring, smart home automation, security, energy, PC accessories, audio and games.


Nexxt has gained a unique strategic advantage that other smart home solutions don't have. Responsible for product development and hardware, has more than 50 distributors in 45 countries, and channel resources of more than 200 mainstream retailers. Nexxt provides customers with a wide range of smart home system products through major retailers in the Latin American and American markets. It will soon become the number one smart house brand in the eyes of users.


Nexxt Solutions has launched an integrated portfolio of smart devices including smart sockets, smart power boards, smart light bulbs, and a complete smart home security kit, including windows, doors and sensors. It plans to expand the app's products to more than 40 on 2021.Yuni smart also will work with Nexxt to develop new products.


In addition to expanding the product portfolio, it will focus on developing security and sensor products equipped with cameras to provide customers with a safe smart home experience. Committed to bringing the best smart home security solutions to users.



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