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AnyOnNet Expand The Korean Smart Home Market

AnyOnNet is one of the leading Internet of Things companies in Korea, specializing in the development and sales of products in the fields of smart home, smart office,healthcare and smart home automation. As a pragmatic Internet of Things company, AnyOnNet is highly competitive in both business and technology. Its R&D team is composed of IT engineers with more than 15 years of R&D experience. In addition, it maintains good relationships with major manufacturers such as mobile operators, distribution channels, and manufacturers.


AnyOnNet has launched more than 20 smart devices with Yuni Smart only 6 months after its establishment, including household appliances and safety sensors. In addition, AnyOnNet also provides OEM App and SaaS solutions for its partners.


In the future, AnyOneNet plans to expand its business areas from OEM App and products to providing IoT modules. It has conducted in-depth discussions with major Korean manufacturers of lights, light switches, sockets and heating systems for smart house such as KT, Daesung, GS, and Shinsegae. In addition, it will launch new products equipped with IoT modules and smart home system in the next few years and sell them globally.



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