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Landatel Promotes The Spanish Smart Home Market

Landatel is a network technology value-added distributor, headquartered is in Spain Madrid and Mexico Aguascalientes.


The company's core business is to provide network solutions for WiFi systems. Currently,Landatel has about 12,000 active customers,mainly including distributors, retailers,Internet service providers,wireless LAN operators and integrators.


M0L0 App is powered by Tuya.It follows Landatel's latest strategy and adds three new product lines:smart home/Internet of Things,security products and robots,which are Landatel's core business in the future.Yuni Smart will provide hardware facilities for it.


A single App IoT solution can control home safety,comfort and energy efficiency.End customers can easily and conveniently create their personal smart homes.The release of the M0L0 App application suit for Landatel's brand goal,which is to create a strong brand with a unified distribution channel and allow end users to enjoy smart configurations and scenarios.



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