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Meshkati Builds Smart Home Brand In SAU

Since its establishment in 2009,Meshkati has become one of the pioneer brands in Saudi Arabia's lighting and electronic markets with its leading technological advantages.It has been providing customers with high-quality,professional lighting and electronic power integrated solutions.


Meshkati announced that it will provide the latest smart home products and smart home apps to the Saudi market through its brand NOORCO.There are currently 12 stores in Saudi Arabia, and this number will continue to rise.


NOORCO's smart product categories,such as LED lights, switches,intercom systems, etc.Yuni Smart have a touch with this company through the UAE World Expo project and will provide more categories to enrich its home automation systems in the future.


Meshkati has more than 10 years of experience in Saudi Arabia.It has been keeping up with cutting-edge technology and is committed to providing consumers with the latest smart device and solutions.



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