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Marriott S.A. Develops The LoT Brand

Marriott S.A. was established in 1934, is an Ecuadorian company with 250 employees and 10,000 square meters of warehouse system. It has strong distribution channels across the country, selling electrical appliances, LED lighting, automation and solar products, focusing on providing customers with complete solutions.


Recently, Marriott S.A. develop a new smart home brand named DEXEL to provide end users with Internet of Things products for homes or offices. Enter the Ecuadorian smart home automation market and the larger Latin American market.


Marriott S.A., headquartered in Guayaquil, Ecuador, has been focusing on the launch of high-tech products. Through cooperation with software vendor Tuya and hardware vendor Yuni Smart, DEXEL has opened 4 offline stores and 1 online store, with a wide range of sales, including smart bulbs, switches, plugs, cameras and IR remote controls, these smart products all can be controlled by App.


As the first smart technology brand born in Ecuador, DEXEL includes a variety of protocols, such as Z-Wave, Wi-Fi and KNX and so on according to market demand.


What consumers want is an App to manage all the things at home, and at the same time to bring users a smart products experience that is interconnected.These are very important.



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