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Deltaco Expands The Northern Europe Market Of Smart Home System

Deltaco was founded in 1991 and has maintained stable profitability for 28 years. The company is headquartered in Stockholm and has subsidiaries in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Lithuania. As an IT distributor, Deltaco cooperated with 28 brands and was listed on the Nasdaq First North City in April 2011. Deltaco has launched about 4,000 products, including cables, networks, multimedia products, storage products, mobile device accessories, computer components, mice and keyboards.


Smart home aims to establish and expand Deltaco's advantages in smart home automation fields such as power supply, lighting, security, and room temperature adjustment. Through the Deltaco Smart Home App, users can easily create their own smart home experience, and use one App to control all cross-category smart devices and customize personalized smart home solutions.


Deltaco is developing rapidly. At present, the company has accumulated more than 100,000 users on the App side and sold more than 300,000 smart house products. Deltaco will continue to build an intelligent ecosystem by entering the mainstream online and offline retail channels in Northern Europe with Yuni smart, and set the goal of doubling the number of App users and product sales in 2021.



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