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Hypnotek Expand the Middle East Market

Marketing Home Group was established in 2006. It has 6 major brands, covering smart home, professional lighting, construction, ceramic tiles and other fields. It has more than 30 self-operated large-scale lighting retail and wholesale stores, and its business covers the Middle East, North Africa and Europe. As the only smart house brand under the Marketing Home Group, Hypnotek aims to provide consumers with smart device that correspond to modern lifestyles, including lighting and security systems. Currently it has launched 15 smart socket products, 13 smart life products and 32 smart lighting products.


Hypnotek purchased and tested a number of different products from Yuni smart home system factories and easily controlled them with App, including air purifiers and curtain controllers, which were sold in more than 25 offline stores in the Middle East.


Hypnotek has achieved product upgrades. In the future, it will expand more smart home automation categories such as lighting (bulbs, fan lights), health (body fat scales), and security (IPC, door locks, sensors, routers, etc.).



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