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Tuya Becomes Google's First Authorized Supplier

Tuya Smart announced that it has become one of Google’s first authorized solution providers and help customer brands to use Google Assistant to build smart home functions. Through this cooperation, Tuya will also enable Google to gain greater visibility in the field of smart home and IoT through a unique one-stop AIoT platform.


This move is Google's recognition of Tuya's outstanding performance in the fields of artificial intelligence, data protection and smart home technology, which deepens the cooperation between Tuya and Google, and provides the two companies with better global AIoT advantages, so that both parties can work together moves forward.


Tuya as a long-term partner of Google, is the first company to connect its own platform to Google Assistant. Tuya Smart has helped many brands complete product intelligence and enhanced their market competitiveness by providing smart technology functions such as voice wake-up. Google Assistant has obvious advantages in search and machine learning, and is in a leading position in the global smart speaker market.


Through joint efforts, the two parties will enable brands from all over the world to build smart home automation and smart device product lines, and introduce feature-rich IoT technologies to the market.



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