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Tuya Smart Join The IFA Exhibition

IFA is one of the largest consumer electronics exhibitions in the world and has been held for 59 sessions in Berlin,Germany.Affected by the COVID-19 in 2020,several major technology events such as MWC and Google I/O cancel offline exhibitions.Only remaining IFA is even more grand,attracting global manufacturers,retailers, developers,and media from different fields.However,in view of the need for epidemic prevention,the exhibition will adopt an invitation system,strictly control the number of people offline,and shorten the exhibition time compared to previous exhibitions,which lasts for 3 days.


According to a research report by Meticulous Research,the global smart home market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 16.5% from 2019 to reach US$144 billion by 2025.Market value drives the development of the industry. With the development of the AIoT industry and the popularization of smart home technology,the value of open platforms with integrated ecological capabilities has become increasingly prominent.


Tuya Smart has become the world's leading AIoT ecological platform by creating an AIoT platform that makes it easier for partners to operate,empowering tens of thousands of "Powered by Tuya" empowered smart products,covering many fields such as lighting,home appliances and monitoring equipment.


The smart home system supported by IoT technology is a large-scale project that requires unity and has attracted the participation of the most innovative companies in the industry.Tuya Smart will continue to work hand with global partners to jointly create an interconnected future lifestyle.


Tuya Smart will exhibit the latest smart home device and solutions including cameras,smart locks,video doorbells,smart speakers,battery-powered network security cameras,smart lighting apps,and Wi-Fi single-fire light control switches.



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