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Tuya Smart Joins The IoXt Alliance

Tuya Smart has announced that it has become a member of the ioXt (internet of secure things) alliance,which is the global standard for IoT security.The ioXt Alliance is supported by technology and equipment manufacturing giants including Google, Amazon,T-Mobile,Comcast,etc.,and is the world's only industry-led global IoT device security and certification program.


Becoming a member of the ioXt Alliance means participating in ioXt's cross-industry cooperation initiatives,work with other partners to establish and advocate best practices and standards in the Internet of Things and network security,and continue to lead the general direction of IoT device security.


The ioXt Alliance is composed of more than 200 leading OEMs,wireless operators, standards organizations,compliance laboratories,and government organizations.It is committed to coordinating best security practices and establishing testable standards to provide manufacturers,retailers and consumers Provide product confidence in a highly connected world.The ioXt certification program evaluates the safety level of products in accordance with 8 different ioXt commitment principles.Once the devices have passed laboratory or self-certified tests, they will be considered safe and can receive the ioXt SmartCert label.


Any company that is entering or has entered the field of smart devices is now facing tremendous pressure from the government and consumers,requiring them to ensure product safety as much as possible.This risk is very high.Tuya Smart,a company rooted in the Internet of Things and supporting security standards,is very important to join and will continue to promote the development of Internet of Things device security.



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