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Tuya Access Alexa App-To-App Account Linking

Tuya Smart, the global AI+IoT platform,announced that it fully supports the App-to-App Account Linking function of Amazon Alexa in the Android system.The deep application integration between Tuya Smart and Amazon means that Tuya Smart Android users can access each other through the Alexa App or Tuya Smart App in just two steps.


Tuya Smart will bring the best experience of voice control by linking more than 90,000 "Powered by Tuya" products and over 180,000 developer partners.


The App-to-App Account Linking function simplifies the operation process for consumers to link voice assistants and apps,which can provide smart device partners and end consumers with better services.


The in-depth cooperation between Tuya Smart and Amazon is based on the deep partnership between the two parties in the past.When the Alexa voice assistant was just launched,Tuya Smart,the world's leading smart home AI+IoT platform,was the first to integrate into its ecosystem to realize Alexa's voice control of Powered by Tuya devices.


At present,Tuya Smart has fully supported the realization of Alexa's App-to-App Account Linking function on the Android system, and will promote it to partners in the Tuya Smart Ecosystem.



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