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5G Become The Strongest Driving Force

5G infrastructure is one of the most persuasive drivers of edge computing. 5G telecom providers have found that in addition to traditional data and voice connections, they can also build ecosystems to host unique local applications. By placing servers in Next to the base station, cellular traffic providers can open their networks to third-party host applications, thereby improving bandwidth and latency.


Credence Research believes that by 2026, the value of the entire edge computing market will be about 9.6 billion U.S. dollars. In contrast, Research and Markets analysis believes that the mobile edge computing market will grow from hundreds of millions of dollars today to more than 27.7 in 2026. Billion U.S. dollars. Although the telecommunications industry may be the fastest-growing growth driver, it is estimated that they will only account for one-third of the total edge computing market. This is because web scale, industrial and enterprise groups will also be their traditional markets Provide edge computing hardware, software and services, and expect that edge computing will also open up new application opportunities.


In general, a successful edge computing infrastructure requires a combination of local server computing functions, AI computing functions, and connections to mobile/automotive/IoT computing systems.



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