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China's AIoT Market

The diversified market under the super-large volume has entered the stage of smart home system of the audience.


Compared with the global epidemic situation,the domestic epidemic situation has been basically controlled,and the social focus has shifted to economic construction as a whole.Under the trend of "new infrastructure",China's AIoT industry is a billion-dollar blue ocean market.


There are about 400 million households in China,which is the world's largest consumer market for smart devices,and it is still in the developing stage.It is expected that the Chinese market will increase by about 50%-80% every year.The smart home automation industry stage in the Chinese market has moved from interconnection to the stage of perceived intelligence,that is,consumers are more inclined to choose the value of scenarios brought about by interconnection.For example,using the voice "I'm back" can open smart curtains,lights, and favorite TV programs and other smart house products in the whole scene.


To grasp the dividends of the Chinese market,two problems must be solved.First,provide consumers with easier-to-use products and scenarios,such as an App to centrally control smart home products;second,provide consumers with smart additional services,such as helping consumers to configure their devices and networks.


Ecological co-construction is a way to realize the intelligence of the whole field.The open platform provides opportunities for participants in the AIoT industry ecological chain to work together to create a diversified and mutually beneficial market.



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