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Chile Brand CASA DOMOTICA Expands Smart Security

Founded in 2005,CASA DOMOTICA EVOLUTION is Chile’s first retailer specializing in low-cost and simple home automation equipment.Its products include smart alarms and home security devices,wireless IP cameras,smart remote controls,smart lighting controls,smart sensors,and doors,Locks and smart home appliances.In the 15 years since its establishment,it has always been committed to providing easy-to-understand and affordable smart homeproducts and technologies for homes,companies and businesses.


On October,CASA DOMOTICA launched a new project to customized their own smart home automation security App under the brand name,and connected to more than 200 devices in November with Yuni Smart factory,realizing the soft launch of the App and testing it in the local market.


So far,CASA DOMOTICA has successfully commercialized thousands of smart devices in Chile,and is also customizing products such as Wi-Fi alarm systems,Wi-Fi IP cameras,and Zigbee alarm systems.In the future,retail channels will be expanded to the whole country,such as stores,supermarkets and hardware stores in local markets.


CASA DOMOTICA will provide better smart home system and security services,promote smart life,and make smart house a safe and convenient place to live and spread throughout Chile.



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