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Vizia Builds South Africa's Internet Of Things

South Africa is steadily advancing the laying of large-scale optical fiber networks. With the increase in speed and bandwidth, the ideal time for consumers to enter the IoT space to make their homes smart has arrived.On November 26,2020,in order to actively support smart home automation,Vizia Tech,a forward-looking and innovative company in South Africa, announced its entry into the Internet of Things.


Vizia Tech was established in South Africa and headquartered in Johannesburg.As synonymous with quality and originality,in 2020,it sold tens of thousands of smart devices, making it one of the fastest growing IoT brands in South Africa,and it is also the one of the fastest growing electronic consumer product brands in South Africa.


Making South African households affordable for smart home system products fits perfectly with Vizia's vision,which is to use the strong relationship between Internet service providers, telecommunications companies and retailers in South Africa to become a leading company in the Internet of Things field in South Africa.


Vizia will provide high-quality innovative products to the South African market based on its market position,with a complete supply chain for product delivery and an experienced purchasing department.At the same time,through years of cooperation,trust and understanding, it has established a strong relationship with the Yuni Smart factory.It gives consumers and partners confidence in product quality and solutions.


Based on the rapid development of the Internet of Things market,Vizia Tech is planning to launch more than 20 smart house devices in the next 6 months.



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