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Smart Zigbee Dimmer Switch Module

Input voltage:100-240V AC 50/60HZ
Maximum power:300W
Product Size(mm):110*41*26
Package Size(mm):120*51*34
Product Weight(g):66.20
Package Weight(g):84.70


Product Description

This is an intelligent dimmer switch module, which can transform your traditional dimmer into intelligent switch module, you can also achieve voice control once you connect with the Home intelligent voice assistant. with this switch module, you can make your traditional switch into intelligent switch module.


It is compact and does not take up space. You can install it wherever you want, or it is small in size, so you can carry it with you to anywhere you want to use it. 


Product Features:

ZigBee 3.0 switch module.

The ZigBee 3.0 switch module is irreplaceable. It must be combined with the ZigBee gateway to form a home LAN. No need to worry about bad network and weak network. As long as there are devices connected, you can easily get a stable ZigBee signal with control rights.


Easy to use:

After connecting the Tuya ZigBee3.0 TRV to the ZigBee 3.0 wireless hub, the device can be intelligently controlled via the APP. Very easy to complete wireless operation.


Make life smarter.

Through the settings, you can connect the lights in your homes and provide apps to adjust the lights to make life smarter. The lights can also be grouped together for unified control.


Wireless control:

manage your device through the Smart Life app, support programs like Alexa, GoolHome, and switch and other functions. It offers you the experience of wireless control of home devices.


Widely application:

Zigbee dimmer switch can be applied to 97% of household appliances and lamps, easy to install, change the circuit for wireless control, and use your imagination freely.


User Guide


1. Installation must be carried out by a qualified electrician in accordance with local regulations.

2. Keep the device out of the reach of children.

3. Keep the device away from water , damp or hot environment.

4. Install the device away from strong signal sources such as microwave oven that may cause signal interruption resulted in abnormal operation of the device.

5. Obstruction by concrete wall or metallic materials may reduce the

effective operation range of the device and should be avoided.

6. Do NOT attempt to disassemble, repair or modify the device.



1. With curtain switch

2. Without switch


Wiring Instructions and Diagrams

1.Turn off the power supply before carrying out any electrical installation work.

2. Connect wires according to the wiring diagram.

3. Insert the module into the junction box.

4.Connect the power supply and follow curtain switch module configuration instructions.


Notes: Put your smartphone close to the curtain switch sure you have min. 50% Wi-Fi signal.



Q1: What should I do if I can’t configure the switch module?

a. Please check whether device is powered on.

b. Make sure your mobile and switch module are under the same 2.4 GHz WiFi network.

c. Whether it’s in good internet conditions.

d. Make sure the password entered in App is correct.

e. Make sure the wiring is correct.

Q2: What device can be connected to this ZigBee switch module?

Q3: What happens if the WiFi goes off?

Most of your household electrical appliances can be, such as lamps, laundry machine, coffe maker, etc.You can still control the device connected to the switch module with your traditional switch and once WiFi is active again the devices connected to App will connect automatically for normal control.

Q4: What should I do if I change the WiFi network or change the password?

You have to re-connect your Zigbee gateway hub to the new WiFi network according to the App User Manual.

Q5: How do I reset the device?

Power on/off device 10 times until the beeper on the module sounds continuously.



The curtain switch module terminal reserves the access of manual override function for the end-user to switch on/off.

• Switch on/off for permanent on/off function.


1) Both the adjustment on App and switch can be reset, the last adjustment remains in memory.

2) The App control is synchronized with the manual switch.


1.Scan the QR code to download Smart Life App, or you can also search keyword “Smart Life” at App Store or Googleplay to download App.

2.Log in or register your account with your mobile number or e-mail address. Type in the verification code sent to your mobile or mail box, then set your login password. Click "Create Family" to enter into the App.

Zigbee Link/Reset:

Note:This smart switch module can only be used with reset switch.

After the wiring of switch module is done, press the return button switch for 10 times (keep time interval not too short) until the beep sounds continuously and rapidly as Di-Di-Di... for pairing mode.

4.Open the App, select “+” on top right,choose“Switch (Zigbee)” to add device.And select the right Gateway to confirm the connection.

Note: Make sure you have successfully connected one Zigbee gateway hub.

5.Make sure your smart phone and ZigBee switch module are under the same WiFi network at 2.4 GHz connection.Confirm when the beep

sounds continuously rapidly (twice a second).

6.The connecting will take about 10-120 seconds to complete depending on your network condition.

7.When pairing is done, the Zigbee switch will be shown on the App.

8.Connect to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for voice control, or share the devices with your families or friends.

9.Enjoy your smart life of home automation for intelligent control by using our All-in-one mobile App wherever you are in the world or simply by voice control when you are sitting at home comfortably.