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Smart Zigbee&WiFi Gateway

Materials: PC+ABS
Voltage:DC 5V 1A
Working temperature:-10~55℃
Working humidity: 10%-90%(non-condensing )
BLE 802.15.1
Product Size(mm):φ90*23
Package Size(mm):93*92.5*60
Product Weight(g):141.70
Package Weight(g):173.00


Product Description

It is a mini smart ZigBee gateway. It consists of a highly
integrated Wi-Fi module, low power-consuming ZigBee module, and PCBA. It
can be connected to the smart app for device adding, reset, third-party 
control, and ZigBee group control, meeting the needs of smart home requirements and other applications.


Product Features:

1.Zigbee and WiFi in one

2.Stable Zigbee&WiFi signal, high anti-interference ability

3.Fast network

4. Support total 32 zigbee devices

5.One button to reset

6.Safe encryption

7.Small and light

8.Easy to use


Prepartion For Use

1.In App Store or Google Play,search for "Smart Life"or scan the QR code on the package/manual to download and install the smart App.

Network Settings

1.Connect the gateway to the power;

2.Connect the mobile phone to home WiFi 2.4GHz band  Router;

3.On App homepage click the add button "+" on top  right corner of the page; Click "Other" on the left side of  the page, and select“Wireless Gateway”;

4.On Gateway, long press "Reset button" until the  indicator flashes red and blue.

5.On App, click”confirm indicator rapidly blink”, input

the WiFi password as to the App instruction, make sure  App(Gateway) and the mobile phone are in the same WiFi  network. Then wait for the successfully added information.  

6.Once added, the gateway will be in “My Home” list.



1.You may return or exchange the product free of charge within 7 days of
purchase; if the product has performance issues.

2.You may exchange the product or have it repaired free of charge within 8-15
days of purchase; if the product has performance issues.

3.You may also repair the product free of charge within 12 months of
purchase if the product has performance issues.


Items Not Under Warranty

1.Unauthorized repairs, misuse, collisions, negligence, abuse, exposure of
moisture or water, accidents, alterations, improper use of accessories,
tearing or alteration of stickers or anti-counterfeiting marks;

2.Past the validity period of the warranty;

3.Damage caused by force majeure;

4.Damage or malfunction caused by problems other than the design,
technology, manufacturing, quality of the product.