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Smart WiFi Doorbell
CPU: Huawei Hisilicon
Image sensor::1080P COMS sensor 1/4“
Video stream transmission: 1920*1080/30fps,1280*720/30fps,640*360/30fps ,1280*720/30fps
lens:Full 3G1P,Ultra Wide Angle 1.7mm Lens
Angle:horizontal 160 degrees
CMOS:Support auto white balance, gain control, backlight compensation
system Lite:OS
Stand-by:About 6 months(10 times wake-up/day, 30 seconds / time)
Day/Night:IR-CUT automatic switch
Infrared distance:850nm infrared, effective distance 5m
Network configuration:one key WIFI setting+sound configuration
PIR human detection:Support PIR detection and wake up
Audio code standard:AAC & G.726
Audio input/output:-38dB Microphone / Built-in speaker
Video mode:manual recording, alarm recording
Wi-Fi: 2.4GHz
Wireless: WIFI 802.11b/g/n wireless network
Passive human infrared detection: support
Adaptive code rate: support
Two-way intercom: support full-duplex real-time call
Sleep time: 15S
Voice phone call:support
Remote wake-up:support
PIR wake:support
Mobile app:Tuya, ios10.0,android5.0 above
Power supply:AC/DC24V or 2 unit18650 battery2200mAH(optical)
Working temperature:-10℃ ~+50℃
Working humidity:≤80%RH
Product Size(mm):132*45*25
Package Size(mm):15*8.5*4.5
Product Weight(g):188.80
Package Weight(g):292.40


Product Description

When the visitor presses the doorbell camera Wi-Fi with motion detector, you will clearly hear the ring in the house, and the mobile will also have notifications. (If you are worried about the bell disturbing your neighbors, you can set mute or adjust the appropriate volume in the APP; if you don’t want to be disturbed by the indoor chime, you can remove it from the socket, and the APP can also set the mobile not to be received any notification messages within the specified time.


Product Features:

Easy to Install & 2.4GHz WiFi

The smart doorbell can be directly fixed on the door (smooth surface) with 3M double-sided tape, or installed with a bracket and matching screws. No wires and cables are required, just download the APP, then connect it to 2.4GHz WiFi with the help of your smartphone, keeping your doorbell always online and answer the door from anywhere. Turn on the notification of the app in the phone settings, and it is compatible with iOS and Android.


Free Cloud Storage

The video doorbell is a safe and convenient product that can be enjoyed for a long time. Free circulation cloud storage for 7 days, which can record and store all activities for up to 7 days.


HD Video & Two-way Audio

HD video doorbell with HD night vision offers real-time video and two-way talk with noise cancellation, which allows you to see, hear and talk to your visitors at your door through a wide-angle lens through the app which is compatible with iOS and Android.


PIR Motion Detection & Night Vision

Built-in motion and infrared sensors and LED. If someone passes by, the doorbell will capture the picture and push it to the mobile phone, and upload the short video to the cloud server, which can be viewed or downloaded to the mobile phone at any time. When the surrounding brightness decreases, the infrared light will automatically turn on to show you high-resolution video. You can see clearly even in dim light.


Use with Confidence

Two high-capacity rechargeable batteries, ordinary household doorbells can be used for about 40-60 days on a single charge (or affected by the number of visitors). Before use, please make sure to use a charger above 5V2A to fully charge it for 20 hours. 


User Guide

Appearance Introduction

IR LED:The ambient light is not enough,this can increase picture brightness.

Light sensor:Used to collect environmentallight status, when ambient light drops down to 2 Lux,the IR LED will turn on automatically.

MIC:Audio Capture

Button:Doorbell button

PIR:When object movement detected in front of the device, the device will send notification to your phone automatically.

Lens:Video image capture

Indicator Light:Blinking blue light: Configuration status; Red light ON: Failed to connect to WiFi; Blue light ON: Connect to phone successfully; Red and blue flash: Connect to WiFi successfully

RESET Button:To reset the device, long press this button for 5 second

Battery Slot:Support 2*18650 battery

USB Interface:Micro USB port charging

Mounting Port:Use this port to mount the camera to bracket

1 (16).jpg

Setup the Device

Thank you for choosing our products! Please fo llow below instruction to setup and use your doorbell device.

1. Downloading and installing the APP

Open App Store (for iOS) or Goog le Play Store (for Android) on your device,search for"TuyaSmart"or scan QR code as following to download the right App for your device.


2. Setting up the APP Before you begin;

> Make sure the TuyaSmart APP is installed to your device

> Make sure that your device is connected to a 2.4GHz Wi -Finetwor ks, 5GHz

network is NOT compatible.


User Register

New user register it according to guide steps,already registered user just login it.


3. Add the device

Before add, make sure the device is in configuration-with a voice notificationThe camera is now ready to begin paring."(Blue light blink per 1s)

If you didn't hear the voice notification,please RESET the device by pressing the reset button 5 seconds. You can release the button after the LED indicator turned off, the device will restart to default setting automatically.


Open the "TuyaSmart" app and tap "Add Device"

Select device type: Security & Sensor- Smart Camera, then make connection with the device according to the steps.


Choose"next step",the name of the WiFi netwo rk will automatically be filled in. enter the WiFi password and tap "confirm".

Note: The App willfill the corresponding password automatically if connected with the same WiFi, and you don't need to fill in password again.


Choose "Continue" and use camera to scan the QR Code show on your phone, make sure about 15-20cm distance between the mobile device to the doorbell. When you hear the prompt,tap"Iheard a Prompt"and waiting for device connection till uccess.

If your camera fails to connect, please try to RESET the camera and repeat all steps again.


When the app show Device added successfully,Congratulations! The device is ready for use now!

1 (17).jpg

4. WiFi Doorbell Functions

Support following functions: Two-way Audio; Video recording to local file; Take Photo; Playback video on Micro SD card.


4.1 Live view

In the device list section,it shows all devices with successfully connections,click the corresponding device to live view videos directly.


4.2 Micro SD Card Video Playback

Micro SD Card Recording Type: APP wake up the device and take video; Press button to wake up the device and take video; Motion detection and take video;

Remark: Currently the device only supports Micro SD cards with the FAT32 system format, others cannot be identified.


5. Device Management

Click the corresponding device to live view videos directly in the device list section You could choose"..."at the top right corner to enter device setting.


5.1 Modify Device Name

Click "Device Name" on setting page to rename device.


5.2 Device Sharing

Click"Share Device" on setting page to share the device to other family members.


5.3 Device Information

Click "Device information" on setting page to check device information.


5.4 Power Management Setting

Click"Power Management Setting" to check power working status or set the low battery alarm threshold. Options:10%-50%.


5.5 Basic Function Setting

Click"Basic Function Setting" to set below functions:

Flip Screen: on/off; Time Watermark: on/off; Talk Mode: One-Way Talk/ Two-Way Talk.


5.6 PIR sensitivity Setting Click "PIR" to set the sensitivity. PIR: Low/Medium/High/Off*Off: Close PIR function.

*Low: Wake up and record footage if any motion in front of the camera last for more than7 seconds been detected. A notification will be sent to mobile devices at the same time.

*Medium: Wake up and record footage if any motion in front of the camera last for more than 5 seconds been detected. A notification will be sent to mobile devices at the same time High: Wake up and record footage if any motion in front of the camera last for more than 1 seconds been detected. A notification will be sent to mobile devices at the same time.


Note: In crowded environment, it is recommended to close or set t he device to LOW sensitivity to reduce unwanted wake up and notification push to extend battery life.


5.7 Memory Card Settings

Click "Memory Card Setting"to check Micro SD card status, include total capacity, used and remaining capacity or format memory card.

1 (21).jpg

6. Note for using

a. When device is powered by recharge able lithium batteries. With fully charged ,the battery life approximately could be around six months. The mobile device APP will send notification when battery voltage is low. Please charge the device in time if you get the notification.

b. Keep the camera within your router' s range.

Make sure to pick a place where is covered by your WiFi signal. Thick or insulated doors can greatly reduce the strength of your WiFi signal even if your router is close by. Trial test before installing the camera is recommended.

c. The device is designed base on low power consumption component, it could be remotely wake up from the APP, by PIR human motion detection.or doorbell press. The device will work for 30 seconds after wake up each time then back to standby.

1 (20).jpg

Ding-Dong Chime Pairing (Needs to be purchased separately) Code Pairing:

1.Long press the button on the chime, till its indicator light is always ON.

2. Press the button of the doorbell to complete pairing.


Press the RESET button on the chime for 5 seconds.

Multiple connections:

1 Ding-Dong chime can connect with up to 12 doorbells.

1 Doorbell can connect to unlimited number of Ding-Dong Chimes.