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Smart UK WiFi Mini Plug
Product Size(mm):58*58*64
Package Size(mm):62*62*65
Product Weight(g):79.90
Package Weight(g):93.00


Product Description

This is WiFi smart socket, which supports timer to switch on and off socket, voice control compatible with and for Home, device sharing and phone app remote control, installation is easy, safe and fast, you can set timers to turn on/off your electronics by clicking on your smart phone, which makes your home smarter.


Product Features:

Voice control via Alexa

Release your hands. When your hands are full of things and can’t touch the switch, you can control the smart plug through Alexa to turn the smart plugs off or on, which is very convenient for smart life.


No Hub Required

No hubs needed to set up, smart plug can simply connects to your home Wifi (2.4GHz only). Just enter the Wifi password and start to enjoy the smart life.


Timer and Schedule

With the this feature, you can create schedules for connected electronics based on your daily routines. Turning on or off the appliances in scheduled time can also saves energy and time. Wake up with hot coffee or schedule the smart plug when to turn on your humidifier. A lot of convenience for you and your family.


Remote control via app

When you are not there, you don't need to worry about forgetting to turn off the light. Just use the phone to control it. When you return you can turn on the lights, lights, air conditioners or other devices via the smartphone via the Smart app. Everything is prepared for you.


Measure power consumption

Socket provides the power consumption display, with which power sockets can monitor your smart home electrical device at any time and anywhere. You can see the power consumption consumed and save your electric charge. give you a more intelligent and energy-saving life.


Share Smart Life

It can share the intelligent Wi-Fi outlets with your family by sharing the device. The AIMASON Smart WiFi socket made you and your family relationships even more intimate. Practical, intelligent mini plug makes you happy every day.


User Guide


1.Scan the QR Code,download and install the "Smart Life"in your phone,or you can download the "Smart Life"App from the App Store or Google Play,and install it.

2.Make sure that your phone is connected to your home Wi-Fi network(2.4Ghz)

3.Plug the Wi-Fi Smart outlets into the power socket. You can see the blue LED in a flash state. If there is not a flash or reconfiqure,please press for about 5 seconds to restore the factory settings.

How to use Amazon Echo to control your Smart devices?

Step 1:open the “Amazon Alexa ”App,then find the “Skill”button on the menu,press it.

Step 2: Search the “Smart life”and choose the first one ,then Enable it.

Step 3:Select your country code and Enter your “Smart Life” App Account and Password,then press the Link now buton.when the Account success to login press the “Done” buton.

Step 4:Back to the menu,and press the “Smart home”buton , then choose the “Devices”,then press the “Discover”buton.

Step 5: Now you can use y our Ale x a to control your Smart devices,enjoy yourself.



1.Launch the Google Home Appand make sure the Google Home Speaker is installed. If not,please follow the Google Home Speaker installation instruction, to complete the installation.

2.0nce Google Home is installedin the upper left corner of the App Home page,click button,to show the App menu. Then,click"Home Control" in the menu.