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Product Price And Delivery Adjustment

Dear Customers:

Thank you for your continued support and help to our company! Based on the spirit of quality first and customer first, our company has provided high-quality products and services to our users for many years, and has been recognized by the majority of users.


Since the epidemic in 2020, the living environment of enterprises has endured multiple squeezes such as rising labor costs, rising raw material prices, increasing after-sales services, and increasing inflation trends, and our company is no exception. In the second half of 21 years, the global epidemic was not effectively controlled.


Since the"Energy Dual Control" work requirement was issued in September, industrial power control in various regions has been further upgraded, resulting in a reduction in production capacity,an increase in delivery time,and a further increase in raw material costs. The rise in prices of raw materials, labor costs (processing costs, labor costs), transportation, and market research and development costs have led to problems with rising production costs.


For our company's sustainable development and better long-term service to customers, based on the business philosophy of long-term honest service, common development, and quality wins, after careful consideration of many aspects,our company decided to start on September 30,2021.,Make appropriate adjustments to the price and delivery time of the products produced by the company. Please re-inquire and communicate the delivery time before order confirmation. We will re-quote and determine the delivery time for your company based on market conditions and specific production schedules.


We hope to get your understanding and support for this price and delivery adjustment.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Changzhou Yunni Smart Technology Co.,Ltd.at 0086-13951215914/13815034152.

We will as always, return the love and support of our customers with high-quality professional services.







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