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AUS Wide Opening Single Gang Brush Wall Plate

Colour: White/Black
Dimensions: 116mm (W)x 75mm(H) x 13mm(D)
Cable entry size:53mm (W)x 29mm(H)
Halogen free: Yes
Monitoring window/light outlet: No
Mounting method:
Flush mount,Includes mounting screws
Compatible with standard Australian GPO mount (84mm mounting centre)
Suitable for degree of protection (IP): IP20
Suitable for touch sensor connector for bus system: No
Utilization: Switch/dimmer

Product Description

Single gang brush plate for cable entry through walls etc. Suitable for terminated cables going to LCD or plasma screens, and particularly suited to HDMI cables as they can't be split, spliced or field-terminated.  

Product Features:

1.Innovative Brush-style Wall Plate:

The brush wall plate has a large opening which can accommodate plenty of cables at once. There is no need for soldering on either side of the wall plate and you can easily add other cables later on.  The brushes prevent rodents, creepy crawlies and dust from getting through.


2.Simple and manage cables

This Brush Wall Plate features a design that will facilitate and manage a large range of cabling requirements. The unique brush entry point provides ample room for a number of cables to enter into the room directly from within the wall cavity.Keep your cables under control with this brush wall plate. The easiest way to run your cables through the wall, while keeping things tidy and under control.  


3.Replace connector

As there are no connectors present on this wall plate,this also means that each cable will be able to pass directly through the brush opening without the requirement for extra joins and connectors, which in turn will ensure that the highest quality audio and video signal is maintained.


4.Smart brush design

The brush design provides a barrier that will serve to prevent dust and other unwanted particles entering the room. The high gloss white finish of this wall plate coupled with the low profile form factor will ensure that the end result is simply superb.