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UK Singel gang Brush Wall Plate

Colour: White
Dimensions: 86mm (W)x 86mm(H) x 10mm(D)
Brush size:50mm (W)x 50mm(H)
Screw centers apart:60mm
Mounting method:
Flush mount,Includes mounting screws
Suitable for degree of protection (IP): IP20
Application:Network/Telecom face plate

Product Description

White Single Gang Brush wall plate crafted to make you home or office much more tidier and modern. Perfect for HDMI, TV, Internet, Telephones and any others cables.Wall plate can be used for above skirting entry / exit or behind TV mounted on a bracket. 

Product Features:

1.Unique color

Wall brush plate stunning in a white finish color to match existing fixtures with white brushes.


2.Neat cable outlet

Provides a clean, great looking cable exit for in-wall low-voltage wire runs.Ideal for telephone, coax, multimedia, AV audio video, HDMI, speaker wire, telecommunication networking cables (i.e cat5, cat5e, cat6, cat7) etc.


3.Low Profile Design:

This cable brush plate allows cables to enter through the wall cavity spaces without interconnection wall plates in between. Outlet UK single gang as well can be used for TV mounted on bracket.


4.Short Cable Runs:

Face-plate designed to attach to a standard black box. It will cover hole in wall or piece of furnitures and will keep your room or office much more tidier. Soft, densely packed Nylon bristles protect cable jackets from damage and prevent cables from falling behind the wall.


5.Simple And Easy To Install:

Hides low voltage cables behind the wall for a clean. Save money for hiring a pro installer.