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Smart WiFi Breaker Switch

Input voltage:90-250V AC 50/60HZ
Maximum power:2200W/10A
Product Size(mm):88.6*38.8*23.4
Package Size(mm):91*42*27.8
Product Weight(g):45.80
Package Weight(g):55.90


Product Description

Smart WiFi Breaker Switch allows you to control the home equipment anytime and anywhere via handy APP remote control or voice control while the stable and fast WiFi connection breaks the restraints from the hub to bring you more convenience. Enjoy the safe and smart home life with your family from now on.

Adopted the flame retardant and flammable material of PC, this switch offers an ultra-safe service environment against overheating and overload, ensuring excellent durability and high cycle life. Insulating wire connectors enhance the strength and safety of the wiring.

Remote control by phone APP. Compatible with Amazon Alexa / Google Assistant Simple connection via 2.4 GHz WiFi. Smart voice control. Set schedules and timer function. Create groups for multiple switches. Sharing family.Working with the wall switch. Simple and safe wiring method.


Product Features:

Voice Control:

Once you have this switch, you can connect it with Amazon Alexa (Amazon echo / Dot / Tap) or Google Assistant for voice control.

WiFi remote control:

You can use the Smart Life app on your smartphone to control the switch wirelessly with WiFi or 4G network. It does not require a hub.

Timer function:

take full control of the lights in your home or office thanks to the scheduling timer that will allow you to plan the exact time to automatically turn lights and appliances on and off.

Device sharing:

This smart switch can have multiple control sites shared by different family members. A mobile phone can also control many switches.

Easy Installation:

The smart switch relay module can add WiFi to your most home appliances, WiFi remote control from anywhere. The WiFi smart switch relay module allows you to do many smart projects such as smart lights, fans, garage doors, humidifier, thermostat, etc.


User Guide

1.Start with “Smart Life”App.

2.Register an Smart Life Smart account.

3.IF you have Smart Life account,just log in.

4.Power up.ON/OFF operating principle:The connected appliances work/stop through live wire power on/off.

5.Press and hold the button for about 7 seconds until the WiFi green LED blinks fast.

6.Enter the App, tap “+”in the upper right of the page to enter network connection page.

7.There are two network connection methods (Normal mode and AP mode). Normal mode is default. Users could tap the upper right corner to switch the connection method to AP mode.

8.Please make sure the device’s indicator light rapidly flashes (2 times per second),tap to go on to the next step.

9.If indicator light is not rapidly flashing,tap “how to set indicator

light as rapid flashes” to view operation processes.

10.Input your WiFi password.

11.Name your device.

12.The device is online.