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Smart WiFi+RF433 Breaker Switch

Input voltage:90-250V AC 50/60HZ
Maximum power:2200W/10A
Product Size(mm):88.6*38.8*23.4
Package Size(mm):91*42*27.8
Product Weight(g):49.00
Package Weight(g):58.00


Product Description

This 2.4Ghz WiFi switch module provides more convenience to your daily life, let you can remotely control the home appliances. Supports APP control and features real time device status and features a timer function. You can use it to set a countdown timer to turn on/off the connected devices.

This WiFi smart switch allows you to share the control right with your friends and supports setting a scene that can control a group of devices. It is made of strong and sturdy ABS, it is heat-resistant, and the housing is not easy to break.


Product Features:


WiFi connection, you can remote control by mobile phone APP + voice speaker control. 433 function, you can buy 433 freely sticky panel by yourself, you can control the same electrical appliance in different places in the house.

Four control methods

APP+voice control+433 MHZ RF wireless switch+Controller module switch.

APP remote control

Tuya or smart life APP can be used to remotely control the switch on and off. You can see the open or closed state of the curtains from the APP when you are away.

Link with other smart devices

It can be connected to other smart devices to realize a convenient smart life together. A home mode can be created and linked with other smart devices to automatically open the curtains as soon as you go home.

Support voice speaker control

The switch is compatible with Alexa and Google Home Assistant, allowing you to use the voice control smart switch to turn on/off.


The smart switch is automatically turned on and off at a given time through the timer function. Choose the time you want to wake up, automatically open the curtains, so you can easily enter the day; choose the time you want to close the curtains.


The control switch can be shared with family members.


User Guide

1.Start with “Smart Life”App.

2.Register an Smart Life Smart account.

3.IF you have Smart Life account,just log in.

4.Power up.ON/OFF operating principle:The connected appliances work/stop through live wire power on/off.

5.Press and hold the button for about 7 seconds until the WiFi green LED blinks fast.

6.Enter the App, tap “+”in the upper right of the page to enter network connection page.

7.There are two network connection methods (Normal mode and AP mode). Normal mode is default. Users could tap the upper right corner to switch the connection method to AP mode.

8.Please make sure the device’s indicator light rapidly flashes (2 times per second),tap to go on to the next step.

9.If indicator light is not rapidly flashing,tap “how to set indicator

light as rapid flashes” to view operation processes.

10.Input your WiFi password.

11.Name your device.

12.The device is online.


Remote radio frequency (RF)link method

1.Press the pairing button for 5 times until your electric devices flash for about 2 times,and then turn on the wall panel transmitter to successfully pair.After the pairing is done,you will be able to control the switch remotely.

2.Repeat the procedure above to pair another wall panel transmitter.The maximum number of the switch is six.

3.Press the pairing button for 10 times until your electric devices flash for about 4 times,and then it will start to reset.



Q: How to set indicator light as rapid flashing?

1.Power on device.

2.Hold the reset button for 5s.

3.Confirm indicator light is now rapidly flashing.

Q: How to set indicator light as slow flashing?

1.Power on device.

2.Hold the reset button for 5s.

3.Confirmin indicator light is now rapidly flashing.

4.Hold reset button for 8s until indicator light is slowly flashing.

The new added device needs 1min to connect to WiFi and the Internet if it stays offline for a long time, please judge the problem by the WiFi LED status.

WiFi LED quickly blinks one time every second;

WiFi Switch failed to connect to your WiFi:

1.Maybe you have entered wrong WiFi password.

2.WiFi Switch is too far away from your WiFi please take it closer.

3.Make sure your router is MAC-open. If still failed,try to open a mobile hot apot and add again.