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Smart Zigbee Curtain Motor

Rated voltage: 100-240V
Rated power: 22W
Rated current: 0.1A
Protection level: IP40
Product Size(mm): 40*40*322
Package Size(mm):380*77*67
Product Weight(g):850.00
Package Weight(g):1000.00


Product Description

With this product, you no longer need to manually lift the curtain, sometimes, your hands holding things, it is not convenient for you to operate the curtain. With this product, you can open or close the curtains through your mobile phone, the remote-control even your voice.

Product Features:

With this curtain motor, you can control the curtain through the Tuya APP, the remote-control and the voice control by connect with some intelligent voice assistant, you do not need to pull the motor by your hands, which can save your time.


When you are away from home, with this curtain motor and the APP, you can control the curtain by your mobile phone, no longer need to worry about forgetting to open or close the curtains in time.


Timing function: you can setting multiple timing according to your life style, which can give you a intelligent life.


You are free to set your travel limit and stop wherever you want, and the maximum travel is unlimited, give you a better using experience.


The worm-turbo self-locking brake device is adopted to ensure reliable brake and quiet when using.


With the external WiFi receiver,  which can reduce the consumption of motor, the battery can  last longer when fully recharged.


User Guide

APP connection instruction

1.Download Tuya Smart APP and Install into smart phone.

2. Open the APP and register a new account.

3.Log in.

4. Click small home Appliance and find Curtain motor on the right.

5.Power on the motor , press the"setting button" 4 times, motor

shakes once, the indicator flashes continuously and slowly, and then

click the "confirm that the indicator light is flashing " button in the phone.

6. Enter the router name and password, and press the confirm button, follow the steps to continue.


APP functional keys





Other functions

Touch more to see other functions




1.touch seeting

2.adding sharing

3.Make sure that the shared mobile phone downloads the "Tuya Smart" APP,enter the mobile phone number to complete the sharing


Voice control

1.touch setting

2.slide left and right to see more


The device supports the third-party voice control function. For details, you can connect through the following operations (click the corresponding third-party voice system icon to configure the network connection device)