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Smart Zigbee PIR Motion Sensor

Detection distance:7-10M
Detection angle:Wide angle 120°
Battery:3V CR2450
Operating Temperature:-10℃-55℃
Working humidity:10%-90%RH(Non-condensing)
Main function:Intelligent linkage
Wireless Standard:
Housing material:ABS
Product Size(mm):85*34
Package Size(mm):108*53*42
Product Weight(g):32.20
Package Weight(g):49.50


Product Description

The PIR sensor designed by infrared to detect the movement of human or animal in the environment. Combined with other devices, to achieve intelligent application scenes.


The ZigBee PIR motion sensor offers accurate presence detection at up to 7 meters and an angle of 170°.Zigbee 3.0 sensors ensure fast connectivity to your Zigbee Gateway in case of a status change. Zigbee Mesh, more automation possibilities, local memory for parameters and devices.

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Product Features:

Large Detection field of view

The large detection angle of 170° can sense the movement of the human body within 7 meters and record every moment in the past without missing any detail.


High Sensitivity

It adopts pyroelectric infrared sensor, which has the advantages of high sensitivity and anti-interference. As long as people or animals move, it can be detected. And the built-in button battery can work continuously for 365 days, and there will be notifications of insufficient power.


Mini Size

The product is the same size as a ping-pong ball, so it is not easy to find. It has a 360-degree rotatable mounting base, which can be placed horizontally, upside down and vertically, and can choose the appropriate installation method and location according to the home environment.


Low Battery Information

It adopts low-power passive sensing method, installs a button battery, it can be used continuously for more than 365 days. You can also set low-battery information push through the App to remind you to replace the battery in time.


APP Remote Monitoring

Whether you are at home or not, as long as the device senses that humans are moving within the detection range, it will transmit the information to the cloud through the gateway, and then push real-time alerts to the App. Ensure family safety.


Intelligent Linkage

Install multiple motion sensors to realize the intelligent linkage of the equipment. When you open the door, the living room lamp will automatically turn on, and when you wake up at night, the desk lamp will automatically turn on, so you can live your smart life anytime, anywhere.


User Guide

Connect Preparation

Connect your phone to WIFI —— Smart Phone ——WIFI Wireless Router —— Smart Host


Ensure that the product is within effective coverage of the smart host(Gateway) ZigBee network to ensure that the product is effectively connected to the smart host(Gateway) ZigBee network.

Make sure the gateway is added.


Download APP

Search the app store for related APP Or scan the two-dimension

code on the outer packing, download and install it.

If you download APP for the first time, please click the"Registration" button to register an account;

If you already have an account, click the login button.


Network Settings

1. Power the device on and ensure that the mobile phone has been connected to the network and has successfully added the smart gateway;

2. Open the TUYA app, on the “smart gateway” page, click“Add Device” button and select “PIR Sensor” on the “Select Device Type” page.

3. Using the reset needle, press and hold reset button for more than 5s until the network indicator flashes. Add the device according to the APP instructions.

4. Once added, you can find the device in “My Home” list.