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Smart Zigbee Window Sensor

Operating Temperature:-10℃-55℃
Working humidity:10%-90%RH(Non-condensing)
Main function:Intelligent linkage
Wireless Standard:
Housing material:ABS
Product Size(mm):
Sensor Part: 55*25*12
Magnet Part: 35*10.7*12
Package Size(mm):56*37*17.5
Product Weight(g):23.50
Package Weight(g):27.90


Product Description

A Tuya ZigBee Wireless Gateway Hub is a must to work with the door&window sensor,as well as a variety of ZigBee smart products, which is proved to be the bridge and control center for smart homes and plays an irreplaceable role for all ZigBee products and realizes the whole intelligent linkage of your house.

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Product Features:

Sensitive Induction

When the magnet is separated from the main body, the door window switch sensor can sense in time.


24/7 Real-time remote monitoring

Whenever and wherever you are,once Door/Window Sensor detects external objects or animals, you will receive a notification by smart phone. Keep your house safe all the time.What you need to do is to keep your sensor with ZigBee hub connected.


APP Remote Function

Achieve real-time push function by pushing status messages of doors and windows to your mobile phone, allowing you to check status at any time and receive alerts in time.

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Custom Naming

When there are multiple sensors at home, you can customize the names one by one on "Tuya Smart" APP to effectively a-void confusion.


Intelligent Scene Linkage

You can set scene linkage for the door sensor on your mobile phone. For instance, when you open the door, the lamps, the purifier and stereo will work together as you wish.


Intelligent Alarm

When the door/window is opened about 2cm away or the sensor is removed and pried up, the gateway can be informed in time through wireless signal to realize intelligent instant alarm.

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Special Battery Design

Battery powered for low power consumption;New designed with hall sensing technology and tamper protection;Low battery reminder supported.


Easy installation

With double-side tape,simply stick it anywhere you like to protect your house security.Make intelligent linkage with other smart devices to achieve a comprehensive idea of intelligence.


Wide Applications

Apply the smart door/window sensor to different scenes,

your bedroom,garage,bathroom,garden and anywhere you like,keeping your whole house away from danger with a linkage of the smart door/window sensor,together with various ZigBee sensor with one ZigBee hub required only. Easy to integrate into various environments.

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User Guide

Connect Preparation

Connect your phone to WIFI —— Smart Phone ——WIFI Wireless Router —— Smart Host


Ensure that the product is within effective coverage of the smart host(Gateway) ZigBee network to ensure that the product is effectively connected to the smart host(Gateway) ZigBee network.

Make sure the gateway is added.

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Download APP

Search the app store for related APP Or scan the two-dimension

code on the outer packing, download and install it.

If you download APP for the first time, please click the"Registration" button to register an account;

If you already have an account, click the login button.

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Network Settings

1. Power the device on and ensure that the mobile phone has been connected to the network and has successfully added the smart gateway;

2. Open the TUYA app, on the “smart gateway” page, click“Add Device” button and select “Door/Window Sensor” on the “Select Device Type” page.

3. Using the reset needle, press and hold reset button for more than 5s until the network indicator flashes. Add the device according to the APP instructions.

4. Once added, you can find the device in “My Home” list.

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