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Smart Zigbee Water Sensor

Fireproof Material:PC+ABS
Communication Mode:ZigBee
Operating Temperature:-10~55℃
Operating Humidity: 20% ~85%
Standby Current: 26uA
Alarm Current: 120mA
Power Supply:DC 3V(CR2032)
Waterproof level:IP66
Product Size(mm):ø50X18mm
Package Size(mm):57*57*30
Product Weight(g):28.40
Package Weight(g):38.40


Product Description

A water immersion sensor that detects water leakage in the  environment in real time. When water immersion is detected, the  detector sends an alarm signal to the gateway and reports the information to the user's mobile phone.


Product Features:

1.APP Remote Control.After connecting with the ZigBee Hub, add the device to detect the water level overflow. Home security in your hand all the time.  

2.Working Principle.When water leakage to button of the sensor, it will send alarm signal to gateway, and the alert notifications will be pushed to your phone, be aware of water overflowing in time, reducing flooding risk.

3.Voice Control & History Records Tracking.Compatible with IFTTT. Simply use your voice to control the connected devices. You can track the history of sensor activities.  Ideal water intrusion warning for homes, apartments(kitchen, toilet), warehouses, offices, laboratory, hotel rooms, garages, etc.

4.Excellent Design,Low Power Consumption and Low battery indication function.Mini size design, tiny and fashion. Super low-consumption design, which can make it work long time. Battery time: 1 years(7 times/day); 2 years(3 times/day). Low battery alert.

5.Easy to Install.Adopt integral structure waterproof design.No complicated installation tools are required. The sensor can be installed with double-sided adhesive tape in just a few steps.


Network settings

1. Turn on the product.

Insert a thin blade or coin into the slot on the battery compartment cover and turn counterclockwise to open it.

Remove the battery insulation film to turn on the product power and close the battery cover.

2. Press and release the reset button 5S, the green LED will flashes for network settings.


Distribetion network hint:

Press the reset button for 5 to 10 seconds, the green LED lights once

The green LED goes out, release the reset button, green the LED flashes, indicating that you are ready for network settings.Blinks for 20 seconds during network setup.After more than 10 seconds, the network settings are canceled. 


The green LED indicator will light up for 5 seconds to indicate the network settings success, if it fails, the green LED goes out.


Warranty certificate for this product

Warranty policy: 

1. If the product has quality problems within 7 days after payment date, you can apply for a refund based on the invoice price, or to replace with the same model or have it repaired.

2. If the product has quality problems within 15 days after payment date,you can apply to replace the product with the same model or have it repaired. 

3. If the product has quality problems within 12 months after payment date,On the payment date, you can apply to  have it repaired. 


What is warranty does not include: 

1. The product owner has no warranty certificate or warranty the service has expired. 

2. Damage caused by improper use, maintenance or storage. 

3. Damage caused by disassembly and repair without Tuya's authorization.

4. Damage caused by force majeure 

5. Normal discoloration and depreciation after the product has been used.