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USA TV,Telephone 4C + 1-F81 Wall Plate Decorator

Wall plate:
Smooth finish high-impact ABS construction
Base plate:
Smooth finish high-impact ABS construction
Combination (philips/slot) mounting screw:
steel,zinc plated,#6-32UN(25) ,oval head
Slotted mounting screw:
steel,zinc plated,#6-32UN(25) ,oval head
900MHz F-81coupler(Insertion loss is 0.25dB max,return loss is 16 dB min):
Body is zinc,,die-cast.3/8-32 UNEF
Dielectric is polyethylene,clear/white
Contacts is 2-contact points
F-Fitting Nut-Washer:
steel,nickel plate,nut is brass,nickel plate 3/8-32 UNEF
RJ11 jack and wiring block
Electric line:copper,7x ∅0.12mm
Dimensions: 2 3⁄4˝(W) x 4 1⁄2˝(H)



Product Description:

This Combo Wall Plate is made with a combination of 2 different cable connectors to provide you a better in-home wiring management system.It supports a cleaner, more organized look, and comes with an RJ11 wall jack and an F-Type coaxial connector.

Product Features:

1.Manage Your Home Wiring:

It is great for you home in-wall wiring box. By installing it on your wall, you can manage your wires and make it look clean and organized.


2.Convenient Wall Plate:

Combination Coaxial Connector and Telephone Jack. This combo wall plate gives you two different connectors on one single plate.


3.Single Gang Combo Plate:

Pre-install F-type connector wall jack (female to female) and one RJ11 telephone jack. The wall plate consists of an RJ11 phone jack and an F-type coaxial cable connector.


4.High Quality:

Secure connection with an F-pin screw terminal. Resistant to fading, discoloration, oils and organic solvents. High quality contacts for better connections.