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USA Telephone 4C Mid-Sized Wall Plate

Wall plate:
Smooth finish high-impact ABS construction
Combination (philips/slot) mounting screw:
steel,zinc plated,#6-32UN(25) ,oval head
Slotted mounting screw:
steel,zinc plated,#6-32UN(25) ,oval head
RJ11 jack and wiring block
Electric line:copper,7x ∅0.12mm
Dimensions: 3 1⁄8˝(W) x 4 7⁄8˝(H)



Product Description

It is a standard Rj11 telephone jack wall plate. The RJ11 comes with 6 position 4 conductor and a single modular opening. You can use this wall plate with most of your telecommunication devices.

Product Features:

1.Durable Wall Plate

The wall plate is made of Polycarbonate thermoplastic. This material withstands heavy impact and returns to its original shape if bent or tampered with, ensuring long lasting use. It tolerates heat up to 145 degrees and resists discoloration.


2.RJ11 Wall Jack

The Wall Plate is a single gang wall jack used for telecommunication devices. The jacks are prewired with terminals, so they are simple to install.


3.Smooth Finish

The design of this wall plate is 3 1⁄8˝Wx 4 7⁄8˝Hwith a smooth finish.


4.Unbreakable Polycabonate

The  wall plate is made from material that is highly durable against heavy impacts and can withstand temperatures up to 140-degree Fahrenheit. This wall plate also resists discoloration and deformation.


5.Wall Plate with Smooth Surface

The wall jack is a single RJ11 phone jack wall plate can be used on a single gang wall box for your telecommunication devices. The wall plate is finished with a smooth and glossy surface that will compliment any wall.