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Smart EU WiFi Waterproof Socket
IP55,ABS+PC Material
Voltage range: AC 100V-240V
Max current: Max 16A
Product Size(mm):70*86*65
Package Size(mm):100*90*78
Product Weight(g):175.00
Package Weight(g):218.00


Product Description

Smart EU WiFi Waterproof Socket is a handy Waterproof Smart Socket that can connect to your home Wi-Fi network and make you manage and program devices from far with your phone or voice via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Adopts heavy-duty IP55 weather resistant material ensures it is rugged and safe when you use it outside. Customize schedules for devices to let them switch on/off automatically according to your needs wherever you are. Perfect for various occasions like garden, patio, open-air restaurant and more.


Product Features:

Converts the traditional plug into a smart plug instantly.

Do you want to remotely control non-network devices? Smart waterproof socket is your ideal choice. Just plug and play, then you can instantly turn them on and off with a light touch on your smartphone or tablet anytime, anywhere.


Activate / deactivate your devices after a countdown time

Sometimes you may forget to turn off the light, fan, or other household devices. To avoid any danger, just set countdown timers, they will turn off automatically after a certain time.


Synchronization status

Real-time device status can be provided in the smart life app so that you can access the status change of your devices quickly and conveniently.


Distance mode

Home security takes up most of your concern when you go on business or vacation. You can set a schedule to turn on / off the devices connected by the smart socket, which can present the illusion of someone staying home as normal.


Shared Control:

You can simply share control of your home appliances to your family via the app so they can also turn the devices on / off remotely.


Automatic control scheduling:

By setting timers or schedules in the app, a sprayer in your garden can be turned on and off automatically at a specific time for automatic watering. The IP55 waterproof smart plug is specially designed for outdoor use. Please note that the device must be used within its WiFi coverage.


IFTTT compatible

By connecting "Smart Life" in the IFTTT application, you have unlimited possibilities to control devices using IFTTT compliant applications and services.


It does not require a hub.

The device works with 2.4G WiFi router without the need for additional hub (5.0 GHz WiFi is not supported).


Hands-Free Voice Control:

Compatible with Amazon Alexa (Amazon Echo / Echo Dot / Amazon Tap) and Google Home Assistant. It allows you to use your voice to control home devices for a hands-free experience.


User Guide

1.Install Smart Life App into smart phone or tablet

device.Or scan the QR code,download and install into smart phone or tablet device.

2. Power up

ON/OFF operating principle

The connected appliances work/stop through live wire power on/off Lights wiring instruction.

3.Cut off the power.

Use screw driver to open the front cover. Connect the wires correctly. Install and power it up.

4. Set up

Press and hold buttonforabout 10seconds until the WIFI LED rapidly flashes.



1.Products and accessories display

2.Install the hole according to the product installation hole size.

3.Drill holes in the installation position insert the plastic expansion member secure the base with long screws.

4.Pierce the rubber stopper with a screwdriver then put power cable in.

5.Connect the wire to the appropriate location

It will be locked When you put the Nand Lin the hole Use a screwdriver to press it down when you pull it out.

6.Tighten the two short screws,the installation is complete.