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Smart EU WiFi Waterproof Socket
IP66,ABS+PC Material
Voltage range: AC 100V-240V
Max current: Max 16A
Product Size(mm):110*150*85
Package Size(mm):120*92*165
Product Weight(g):348.00
Package Weight(g):414.00


Product Description

With this WiFi waterproof socket you can control electrical devices from your smartphone or tablet. This is possible from every room in your house, but also at a greater distance. The WiFi waterproof socket is suitable for use outside the home, because of the fully waterproof cover that clicks over the socket. The waterproof socket can be mounted instead of a normal socket, and can of course be used as a normal socket in addition to its various smart functions.


Product Features:

IP66 waterproof design 

The waterproof rating of outdoor socket can reach IP66 for safe electricity supply in arduous conditions, weatherproof and dust-proof. Use in damp rooms or in protected outdoor areas.


Safe to use wall outlet

This waterproof surface-mounted socket has two socket holes and a lockable cover to prevent accidental opening, increased occupational safety thanks to contact protection and child protection.


Complies with EU standard

The nominal voltage is 100V-240V. The nominal current is 16 A, the contact resistance 100 Mo and the insulation resistance 50 M.


Easy to install

Easy installation thanks to removable interior. You can open the socket, attach the cable to the plug-in terminal and then insert it again. Cable cross-sections of up to 2.5mm² are possible through the cable entry - the large wiring space offers enough space for all the cables required.


Multi use

The outdoor double socket waterproof for outdoor use made of high quality ABS material is durable and offers high protection for outdoor use. Wall socket for workshop, basement, laundry room, toilet, garage, garden and commercial applications. Perfect for all outdoor devices.


User Guide

Place the lower cover upside down,machining 4MM holes in the middle of the oval groove,at the same time, make 6MM of four holes in the wall with the same space, install expansion sleeves through four holes which have preprocessed in the wall.


Aim 4 holes and install lower cover, Secure the inside of the lower cover with 4 screws in the attachment bag and then install the black rubber plug.


Install the cable into the lower cover. Insert L wire into the l-in terminal post of the main board,N wire into the n-out terminal post of the main board, and insert the ground wire into the ground hole of the upper cover(the colors of the lines IN the figure are for reference only).


Arrange the apron,install the upper cover assembly, lower cover and lock the 4 screws,tighten the incoming thread buckle to lock the cable,and cover the screw cove cover.