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Smart Zigbee Siren

Fireproof Material:PC+ABS
Wireless type: ZigBee
Transmission frequency: 2.4GHz
Transmit power: 15dBm
Communication distance: 80m (open space)
Receiving sensitivity: -96dBm
Alarm sound pressure:100 dB
Working voltage: DC 12V,external adapter
Working current:≤300mA
Standby current:≤10uA
Working ring drying: -10℃~+55℃
Relative temperature:≤95%RH
Product Size(mm): ∅78 x33mm
Package Size(mm):90*90*63
Product Weight(g):110.00
Package Weight(g):153.00


Product Description

The detector is triggered, it will immediately send out an audible and visual alarm to deter intruders. Users can also use APP to realize out-of-home alert, home alert, cancel alert, emergency alarm and other operations to achieve control of the wireless sound and light alarm. When the siren is used, it needs to be used in conjunction with the gateway, through the APP parameter setting to realize the control of the wireless sound and light alarm. The communication of the whole system adopts wireless transmission mode, which makes the installation of the product convenient and quick.


Product Features:

1.High-decibel sound and light alarm,Up to 100dB sound pressure

2.Sound pressure is adjustable

3.Mobile APP remote alarm reminder

4.On-site alarm

5.Anti-dismantling design in dedicated security field

6.Wireless transmission signal, easy to install

7.Built-in battery,work when no exteral power

8.With low voltage monitoring prompt function

9.Send status report to the gateway periodically


Power-On and External Power Supply

1.First time power on, LED is on for 3 s.

2.When battery power, press the OFF/ON button for more than 3s to turn OFF/ON.

3.Networksetting/exit setting: press both volume and volume- at the same time for more than 5s.

Basic Functions

1.Network setting: press the volume+and volume-buttons at the same time,the red light will be on for 5s.Release the button to set network,LED flashes for networksetting.LED is always on for 3s then off.If failed,the LED will be off directly.

2.Volume adjustment:When the siren alarms,press the volume+and-to adjust.

3.Anti-tamper switch.When siren is removed,siren will alarm.To cancel the alarm,please press anti-tamper switch for 3 times,or operate on App.

4.LED Indicator

Power on/off:LED is on for 3s,buzzer beeps twice.

Low voltage:LED flashes every 20s.

Network setting:LED flashes.

Power off:Buzzer beeps once.

Network timeout:LED changes from flash to off.

Network settingsuccess:LED is on for 3 seconds and off.


Installation Position and Precautions

1.Install the product on an indoor tile,gypsum wall,or painted wood.

2.Building materials,such as reinforced concrete,will shorten the wireless communication distance.

Product Installation

Add the siren to the gateway as an accessory based on the gateway user manual.

1. Rotate the mounting base counterclockwise to remove it from the product.

2.Power on the product.

3. Use expansion tube and screws or a 3Mstickerto fix the mounting base on a wall. Rotate the product clockwise into the mounting base.

If you use a 3M sticker,ensure that the installation surface is smooth and stable.Clean the surface before mounting to prevent the product from falling off.

4. Connect the siren to the power adapter.


Warranty certificate for this product

Warranty policy: 

1. If the product has quality problems within 7 days after payment date, you can apply for a refund based on the invoice price, or to replace with the same model or have it repaired.

2. If the product has quality problems within 15 days after payment date,you can apply to replace the product with the same model or have it repaired. 

3. If the product has quality problems within 12 months after payment date,On the payment date, you can apply to  have it repaired. 


What is warranty does not include: 

1. The product owner has no warranty certificate or warranty the service has expired. 

2. Damage caused by improper use, maintenance or storage. 

3. Damage caused by disassembly and repair without Tuya's authorization.

4. Damage caused by force majeure 

5. Normal discoloration and depreciation after the product has been used.