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Smart Zigbee Smoke Sensor

Fireproof Material:PC+ABS
Communication Mode:ZigBee
Operating Temperature:-10~55℃
Transmitting Power: ≤15dBm
Communication Distance: 50m (Open Environment)
Receiving Sensitivity: -96dBm
Working Voltage: 3V
Working Current: <30mA
Standby Current: ≤11μA
Power Supply:DC 3V(CR123A battery)
Detection type:Network&independent smoke detector
Low power indication:Support(2.6V±0.2V)
Battery lifespan:More than three years(20 times/days)
Product Size(mm):ø90X37mm
Package Size(mm):90*90*63
Product Weight(g):106.40
Package Weight(g):143.00


Product Description

Using advanced optical sensing principles, it can quickly detect the smoldering smoke in the early stage of a fire, detect the occurrence of the fire as early as possible, and transmit it to the user’s smart phone through independent sound alarms and sending wireless signals to the gateway to promptly remind the user to alarm, Fight fire or escape, reduce or avoid loss.


Product Features:

1.On-site alarm, over 85dB

2.Made of -retardant material, the shell has the characteristics of radiation resistance, heat resistance and impact resistance.

3.Anti dismantling design in the field of professional .

4.Professional Maze Design: Fast perception of fire.

5.Double Induction: Smoke & Temperature. Effectively reducing the false alarm rate and making the alarm situation more accurate.

6.Wireless data transmission & remote monitored by mobile phone.

7.Mobile APP Control: Send online reports to the host regularly.

8.Ultra Low Power Consumption: Long battery life.

9.Low battery indication function  Anti-tamper function design


Network Setting 

1. Power on the product

Rotate the mounting base anti clockwise to open.

Remove the battery insulation film.

2. Press and release the reset button 5S, the green LED flashes Used for network settings.


Installation Instructions

(1) Using screws

Use screws to fix the mounting base to the ceiling

Rotate the product clockwise into the mounting base

(2) Using 3M sticker

Remove the protective film from the 3M sticker and attach the sticker to the mounting base

Remove the protective film from the 3M sticker and attach the product to the ceiling.

(3) Installation checking

Check if the product is installed properly

Improperly installed-If the semicircle on the product is aligned with the line on the mounting base to form an arrow,the product is installed improperly.

Properly installed-If the semicircles on the product and mounting base are aligned to form a circle,the product is installed properly.


2. Notes

(1) Only install the product on the indoor ceiling. 

(2) Install the product at least 50 cm away from the lighting product.

(3) Do not install the product in the bathroom or other damp places


(4) Do not install the product in a place free of fire smoke or steam.

(5) Ensure that the installation ambient temperature is In the range of ‒10°C to +55°C. 

(6) If the cabinet is near the ceiling, please install at least the product

60 cm from the cabinet.

(7) Install the product at least 150 cm away from the fan Air conditioning and ventilation holes. 

(8) It is recommended to use screws to install the product. If you use

3M sticker for installation, any product is damaged or safe.You will be responsible for the accidents caused by this.

 (9) If you choose to use the 3M label, please paste the product on the smooth,Evenly, dry and clean the surface. 

(10) Check regularly whether the product is connected to the surface is firm to prevent it from falling.

(11) Unless the product is installed on the mounting base, otherwise

The battery is installed.

(12) If you stick the product to the painted surface, the paint will come off It may cause the product to fall. If this happens,responsible for any problems caused thereby.


Fire Alarm Function

1. The product makes a sound immediately after detecting smoke

And visual warning signs. 

2. In case of fire, please take appropriate measures immediately, for example,Call a fire emergency number or use a fire extinguisher

Fight the fire. 

3. If there is no fire, please press the mute/self-diagnosis button to mute it product.The product will be silent for 90 seconds. During this period,The product does not generate any audible or visual alarms. After the 90s,The product will return to the detection state. 

4. When the following conditions occur, the product will generate a fire alarm Please contact it directly: 

(1) Mist sprayed from pesticides or cosmetics 

(2) Smoke from cigarettes and incense sticks

(3) Smoke type or heat evaporation type pesticides

(4) Cooking fumes or steam

(5) Condensation


Warranty certificate for this product

Warranty policy: 

1. If the product has quality problems within 7 days after payment date, you can apply for a refund based on the invoice price, or to replace with the same model or have it repaired.

2. If the product has quality problems within 15 days after payment date,you can apply to replace the product with the same model or have it repaired. 

3. If the product has quality problems within 12 months after payment date,On the payment date, you can apply to  have it repaired. 


What is warranty does not include: 

1. The product owner has no warranty certificate or warranty the service has expired. 

2. Damage caused by improper use, maintenance or storage. 

3. Damage caused by disassembly and repair without Tuya's authorization.

4. Damage caused by force majeure 

5. Normal discoloration and depreciation after the product has been used.