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Smart Zigbee Vibration Sensor

Standby current:≤6uA
Transmission distance:≤100m (no obstacle)
Battery:2* AAA 1.5V dry battery
Product Size(mm):67*24*21
Package Size(mm):85*65*25
Product Weight(g):33.10
Package Weight(g):50.20


Product Description

Used with smart gateway; when device status changes,such as vibration, motion, hit, drop and so on, mobile App will push a alarm notification, or work with another smart device for home automation.


Product Features:

ZigBee Hub Required

This high precision vibration sensor need to work with a ZigBee 3.0 Hub. Connect it to ZigBee Hub and download the Smart Life app.


APP Remote Viewing

Whenever the Smart Vibration Sensor detects unexpected vibration, it will send notification alerts to your phone so that you will be aware of the danger the first time.


High Precise Vibration Sensor

Incorporates high-precision six-axis acceleration and gyroscopes, used for collecting external vibration and motion data.Unique high/low sensor sensitivity setting, to helps prevent false alarms.It does not require complicated installation tools and can be installed in just a few seconds.


Easy to Install

Make sure the surface is thoroughly cleaned and dry before applying the adhesive tape. Then simply peel and stick the Smart Vibration Sensor.


Wide Range of Application

Doors and windows, courtyards, indoor rooms, especially perfect for your safe box.


User Guide

Preparation For Use

1.Mobile phone is connected to 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi.

Ensure that the smart phone is within the same Wi-Fi network of the Smart Gateway to ensure an effective connection between the smart phone and the Smart Gateway.


Download and open the App

In the App Store,search for "Smart Life" or scan the QR code on the package/manual to download and install the smart App.


If you are downloading this App for the first time,please tap the "Register" button to register your account; If you already have an account, click the "Login" button.


Network Settings

●Zigbee version:open mobile App,click"Add subdevice on Zigbee gateway screen;press reset button until indicator blinks, then click LED already blink"for adding device;after adding device is successful it is able to find device on the "Home"screen.

●Bluetooth version open Bluetooth switch on mobile,open mobile App,dick"search new device" on Bluetooth gateway screen; press reset button until indicator blinks then dick"Light is in a flash"for adding device;after adding device is successful,it is able to find device on the "Home"screen.


note:if time is more than 2 minutes will exit from matching.

●Reset:press reset button until indicator blinks.



1.choose a suitable place for installation.

2.fix via 3M adhesive tape or screw.

3.install and change battery:Press the bottom cover and push it up in the opposite directionof the reset button to open the bottom cover.