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Smart UK WiFi Waterproof Socket
IP66,ABS+PC Material
Voltage range: AC 100V-240V
Max current: Max 13A
Product Size(mm):110*150*85
Package Size(mm):120*92*165
Product Weight(g):345.00
Package Weight(g):416.00


Product Description

WiFi wall touch switch connects to the Internet through WiFi network and controls the power of home appliances, smart phone or other device can control the switch and track the status of socket at any place where network is available, one device can support more than one WiFi wall touch switch controller. WiFi wall touch switch using Smart Link net technology you can easily access settings, besides, it has timing function you can DIY for your favorite and power indicator for your energy tracking, let you have fun on local or remote control your home appliances, enjoy with it.


Product Features:

Now Voice Control Your Hard Wired Smart Outdoor Plug using Amazon Alexa and Google Home from Inside of Your House Using Your Mobile.


IP55 Waterproof and Weatherproof Designed Smart WIFI Socket Which can Withstand Damp and Wet Outside Conditions. Being Made with a Sealing Lid Cover Makes it Perfect for Bathrooms, Patio, Garden, Pool Side, Drive Ways Lights and Outdoor Decorative String LED Lighting or Fountains.


Wireless Remote Control the Connected Device On/Off from Your Smartphone Via our Free to Download and Use Smart Life App from Anywhere as Long as You have Internet Connection. Only Works with 2.4GHz WIFI, 5G WIFI is Not Supported.


You Can Set Scheduled Timer to Automatically Power On/Off Connected Device, Perfect for Decorative or Seasonal Lighting, Landscape lighting, Pumps and other Indoor and Outdoor Plug-in Appliances.


After Wiring the Device with Mains, Simply Plug a Device into the Smart Socket and connect to your Wi-Fi Network. No Hub Required. No Monthly Fees.